About Jedi


Jedi is the most diverse guild on SWMud. Jedi can follow one of two ways: the Light path or the Dark path. Light is the constructive side with healing and protective skills, Dark is the destructive side with offensive skills like decay, choke, lightning and so on. Both Dark and Light Jedi have access to some basic skills like farsight, sense, and lift. Because Jedi is such a diverse and powerful guild, it requires more experience for advancement. The most important attribute for a Jedi is Force. Please Note: Jedi can not be chosen as primary guild. Only Jedi Masters are primary Jedi.

Jedi skill list

1Heal self (light jedi only)
1Inflict pain (dark jedi)
1Saber repair
3AC improvement
4Aura of uneasiness (dark jedi only)
4Calm (light jedi)
5Sense (basic)
6Create fear (light jedi only)
7Focus (light jedi only)
9Sense disturbances
10Accelerate healing (light jedi only)
10Anger (dark jedi only)
10Project thoughts/feelings
11Choke (dark jedi)
12Sense Jedi
14Block blaster fire
14Throw (dark jedi)
15Battle meditation (light jedi only)
15Decay (dark jedi)
15Sense living being
17Force push (light jedi)
18Cloak of the Sith (dark jedi)
19Change appearance
19Far sight
19Lightning (dark jedi only)
19Retaliating blaster fire
19Superheal (light jedi only)
20Enhanced choke (dark jedi)
20Enhanced compel
20Ossan language (light jedi only)
20Poison resistance (light jedi)
20Sith language (dark jedi only)
21Improve sabers
25Combat sense
25Force shield (light jedi only)
25Ranged lightning (dark jedi only)
30Absorb/dissipate energy (light jedi only)
30Hate (dark jedi only)
35Advanced retaliate
35Enhanced sense
35Guard (light jedi only)
35Slash (dark jedi only)
40Enhanced change appearance
40Force speed (light jedi only)
40Steal life (dark jedi only)
40Superheal other (light jedi only)
45Enhance attribute
45Memory wipe (dark jedi only)
45Project image (light jedi only)
45Purge other (light jedi only)
50Force storm (dark jedi only)
50Project damage (light jedi only)
50Shield from Force