Getting Around

Traveling about the galaxy is an integral part of SWmud, whether for equipping or just exploring. There are several ways to get from planet to planet:

  1. Public shuttles are cheap and easy to use with <catch>, but they only go to limited destinations, and you can end up waiting a while, especially if you have to make connections.
  2. There are other types of shuttles, such as team shuttles, Merchants' shuttle routes, and Diplomatic missions. These shuttles all work with the <catch> command.
  3. Cabbies provide immediate, direct transportation from one planet to another, but they are expensive, and their are many high-level destinations they can't or won't fly to.
  4. Certain skills such as <compel>, <bribe>, <chart>, and others will enable additional destination for cabbies.
  5. Piloting your own ship is the fastest and most flexible way to travel. And while buying a ship (and possibly an astromech droid for hyperspace) is expensive up-front, operating costs are far cheaper even than shuttles.
  6. High-level Diplomats get access to a transit hall on Coruscant that allows quick, discrete transport to various locations.
  7. Clans have access to certain military-issue transportation options.
  8. ...and plenty of secret transportation options waiting to be discovered.