> dmission

dmission [subcommand] [argument]
Skill used: diplomatic mission
Usable by: Diplomat (level 40)

High Mortal diplomats can create a diplomatic mission that does a 2- or 3-planet circuit. This shuttle is restricted to the diplomat's team.

The mission will last for 72 hours, after which time anyone and anything in the shuttle will be escorted to the dock. A diplomat may only have 2 shuttles running at a time.


  • add [dock1] [dock2]: Must be used from a valid dock. Adds a diplomatic mission from the current dock to the other docks specified.
  • remove [route]: Removes the specified diplomatic mission.
  • info [route]: Shows info about the specified mission.

Note: remove must be done in the room with the relevant shuttle, or in the shuttle itself.

Usable docks include: Af'El, Alderaan, Berchest, Bespin, Bimmisaari, Borleias, Carida, Centerpoint Station, Corellia, Corellia Defense Platform, Coruscant, Coruscant Station, Crseih, Dagobah, Dantooine, Eichbaum, Endor, Gamorr, Honoghr, Kashyyyk, Kessel, Kwenn, Myrkr, Ord Mantell, Roche, Rodia, Ryloth, Shantipole Station, Sluis Van Shipyards, Soleada, Sullust, Tatooine, Togoria, Yavin, and the Death Star.