> bribe

bribe [monster] for [amount] block [dir]
bribe [monster] for [amount] cab [destination]
bribe [monster] for [amount] counterbribe
Usable by: Smuggler (level 40)
Stat: charisma
Skill Delay: 2 rounds (4 seconds)

A smuggler may attempt to bribe a monster to do certain things:

  • block: The monster will block a certain exit for a time period. The amount given determines the duration of the blocking. In order to prevent abuse that may lead to players causing others to suffer monster death, you may not block an exit unless a room has more then 1. If this option is abused in a manner that causes other players to die monster deaths, appropriate action will be taken.
  • cab: The Cabbie will take you to unusual locations. The amount of credits needed varies depending on destination.
  • counterbribe: The Cabbie to ignore a bounty hunter's standing orders to send you to the wrong destination or to not take you anywhere. Please note the hunter could bribe the smuggler again later.

Except for Cabbies, you can only bribe one monster once. Upon critical failure to bribe, the monster will become aggressive.