Clans are a way to develop role-playing and teamwork among player killers. They do not provide players with any additional skills, but they do come with headquarters (called a "clan hall") that can be outfitted with certain upgrades (see below), and perks such as a private clan line for communication.

All clan members must be player killers in the army. If a member of a clan kills a member of another clan, all members of each clan may aggro each other for the remainder of the boot. (This is called a clan war.)

All clans are "secret" in that there are no in-game ways to determine if a player is in a clan, where their clan hall is, or what the name of a clan is. Clever players may deduce certain things by observing the movements of clanned players, but there is nothing that the game itself will reveal.

Clans are limited to 15 members. Clan leaders are advised to make judicious use of the "clan invite" command (see <panic clan>) in order to extend invitations to multiple characters of the same player, so the member limit can be worked around.

Inactive clans may be deleted, with or without refund (at the wizard staff's discretion), with at least one week's notice.

General clan administration tasks, such as changing a clan leader, adding new players to the clan, and so on, are accomplished with the <clan> command. The clan leader can manage clan mobs' descriptions and (where relevant) items for sale with the <manage> command when in the room with the mob.

There are certain things you must do to create a clan:

  1. Pay a 1 million credit fee (at the clan-o-mat, see below).
  2. Describe and follow a reasonable role-playing theme.
  3. Find one or two other players committed to joining the clan.
  4. Follow the instructions in <panic new_clan>.

When the clan proposal has been submitted, the wizard staff will review the role-playing theme and verify that there are enough players ready and willing to join. The wizard staff will also work with the clan leader on their proposed clan hall location - the location must be approved.

After everything is square and the clan is created, the clan leader may begin building the clan hall. Players are encouraged to develop their clans as much as possible. A list of possible additions follows;

Item Cost
Clan creation1,000,000
Additional room (up to 24)100,000
Mailing facilities [1]800,000
Equipment shop [2]150,000
Capital ship dock500,000
Sluis retrieval and storage500,000
Equipment storage bin200,000
Data terminal100,000
Bar [3]300,000
Alternate entrance/exit1,000,000
Bacta tank500,000
Bank services500,000
Shuttle #1 [4]2,000,000
Shuttle #24,000,000
Shuttle #36,000,000

[1] Clan members may mail each other only - they are not able to mail anything to players who are not in their clan.

[2] The equipment shop is limited to 10 items, and the list of available items is limited. The cost for adding an item is determined like so: (200 credits * quantity of item * cost of item).

[3] Extra drinks cost 2,000 credits each.

[4] Shuttles may either drop off players somewhere in the galaxy, or pick them up. Pickup and dropoff points are subject to approval.

Other minor purchases are also available. Purchase prices are deducted from the clan account. Any clan member may pay into the clan account. No money may be taken out of a clan account, other than to purchase items for the clan hall.

Certain items are natural pre-requisites of each other. For example, you cannot have shuttles without a dock. Also, most of the large purchases (dock, mailing facilities, bar, laboratory, etc.) require their own room, which must be bought separately.