> clan

clan [arg]

With no argument, this command will list information about online clan members. With arguments, you can do various things:

  • accept [clan] - accept an invitation to a clan
  • swap [alt] - remove yourself from the clan, and add your alt
  • retire - remove yourself from the clan
  • members - see a list of clan members
  • leader - see your clan leader
  • assets - see your clan's available assets
  • assets [amount] - add money to the clan's assets
  • refit - restore your clan item
  • invite - use with no argument to see all invited players


  • invite [player] - invite a player to join your clan
  • rescind [player] - rescind an invitation
  • expel [member] - expel a member from the clan
  • relinquish [member] - give leadership to member
  • entry - edit entry syntax and message
  • item - edit the clan object name and description
  • shuttle [purchase] - check shuttle locations, and purchase more
  • debt - pay off clan debt with clan assets

Note: invite, rescind, expel, and relinquish can only be used in the clan hall.

Additional note: Clan leaders can also use the <manage> command in the room with different clan mobs to edit their descs or add/remove items for sale (if applicable).