One of the ideas of this mud is to explore. We have created quite a few interesting places for you to visit and familiarize yourself with. Exploring is a great way to get a little break from the endless killing as well.

A lot of our players have spent countless hours going through our planets carefully, finding all the cool little secrets that it has to offer. Most of the areas have things in them that are not immediately visible and take some looking and exploring to find.

The idea of this mud is not to ask people for the exact location of some object or item. If you do not try to find anything on your own, not only do you insult the work and effort that the coders put into the area, but also all those players before you who did take the time to fully explore a place.

This means, if you think an item is on, say Bespin... go to Bespin and look around there for it. Do not walk into three rooms, say "I can't find it" and ask people for it. By exploring, you can learn more of the mud, become more mud-competent, and somewhat knowledgeable. This is very desirable, and having well rounded knowledge of the mud based on your exploring efforts gives a feeling of accomplishment.

So go forth, and explore the mud!