> fpush

fpush [direction]
fpush stun
Skill used: force push
Usable by: Light Jedi (level 17) (Dark Jedi may use w/ penalty)
Discipline: telekinetics
Stat: force
Skill Delay: 4 rounds (8 seconds)

Light Jedi can use this skill to force attackers and other potentially hostile creatures away in a chosen direction. The creatures thus forced away will then return a few seconds later, giving the Jedi a chance to escape. At level 20, Light Jedi have developed such fine control of the Force that they can push their enemies to the ground, stunning them.

Dark Jedi can also use this skill, but not with the same likelihood of success, and not with the fine control required to stun. Dark Jedi also suffer an alignment penalty.

Please note that some monsters - those that cannot be intimidated or otherwise forced to leave their locations - will not be moved by this skill. Also note that some conditions will block monsters from being pushed out of a room, such as conditional checks at a guard post.