> improve

improve [item]
improve [+X] [item]
Usable by: Merchant (level 21)
Any Jedi (level 21)
Scientist (level 21)
Mercenary (level 21)
Assassin (level 21)
Stat: technical
Skill Delay: 3 rounds (6 seconds)
Other info: not usable in combat

This command allows a high mortal to improve the power of a weapon, or increase the durability and negate part of the armor hindrance of armor, if they are carrying a toolbox.

Improving a weapon will reset the stacks for when an item will become damaged from usage in combat.

Armour can be improved by 1 at level 21, 2 at level 30 and 3 at level 40. Weapon class can be improved by 1 point at level 21 and 2 points at level 30. One can optionally declare how many points the item will be improved, if one wants it below the default.

The following guilds are able to improve:

  • Scientist - armour, ranged and melee weapons
  • Assassin - melee weapons
  • Mercenary - ranged weapons
  • Merchant - armour
  • Jedi - sabers

**WARNING** : Improvers have been known to damage an item slightly when attempting to improve it. In some rare cases, the item has even been damaged beyond repair. You have been warned.