Jedi Disciplines

Jedi disciplines represent intensive study into one aspect of the Force, further mastering that aspect of the Force. All Jedi above level 19 can study a discipline. The current disciplines are:


Light Jedi

Dark Jedi

Once a Jedi has learned a discipline, the Jedi cannot change disciplines for 30 days. After that time, a Jedi can choose another discipline at a cost of 1000000 (1M) experience.

In the event that a Jedi selects an alignment-specific discipline and then changes their Jedi alignment, all benefits of that discipline are negated, although the Jedi does not lose the discipline. The regular costs and time frame apply for changing disciplines.

A discipline must be learned from the appropriate master using the syntax 'study <discipline>'. Jedi wishing to study a discipline should be able to find the master on his or her own.