Usable by: Any Jedi (level 1)
Discipline: saber
Stat: force

The lightsaber is the elegant weapon of the Jedi Knights. These power swords project blades of pure energy capable of cutting most materials, except the blade of another lightsaber. The design seems simple from the outside: a handgrip with several switches ends in a mirror-like, concave metal disk. Inside the handgrip, power cells and variously shaped crystals are activated to produce the narrow beam of meter-long light that gives the lightsaber its name. When activated, a lightsaber hums with power. Considered archaic when compared to blasters and other modern weapons, lightsabers are nonetheless impressive and powerful personal weapons that require extensive training to use effectively.

Lightsabers come in many different colors, according to how powerful they are.

A Jedi of sufficient experience can do more than simply attack with a lightsaber--it can also be used to block the beams of energy weapons or even to reflect the bolts back at the person who fired them.