Saber Colors

Saber colors from least powerful to most powerful (please note that specialty sabers are purposefully NOT listed):


  • pink (practice) [dirty pink, dim pink, pink, rosy pink, neon pink]
  • violet [very dim violet, dim violet, violet, bright violet, very bright violet]
  • orange [very dim orange, dim orange, orange, bright orange, very bright orange]
  • yellow [very dim yellow, dim yellow, yellow, bright yellow, very bright yellow]

High Mortal/pseudo-HM

  • blue [very dim blue, dim blue, blue, sapphire blue, sparkling sapphire blue]
  • red [very dim red, dim red, red, bright red, vivid scarlet red]
  • green [very dim green, dim green, green, verdant green, richly verdant green]
  • cyan [very dim cyan, dim cyan, cyan, dazzling cyan, intensely dazzling cyan]
  • white [very dim white, dim white, white, blinding white, brilliantly blinding white]
  • black [very dim black, dim black, black, deep black, immensely deep black]