> throw

throw [object] from [place1] to [place2]
Usable by: Dark Jedi (level 14) (Light Jedi may use w/ penalty)
Discipline: telekinetics
Stat: force
Skill Delay: 4 rounds (8 seconds)

This ability allows a Jedi to throw objects in the area telekinetically. High Mortal Jedi 30th level and over have a greater affinity for the Force, enhancing their telekinesis.

This skill is associated with the Dark Side of the Force. Please note that the item thrown is destroyed in the process. Please also note that it is possible to injure or kill yourself with this, so avoid throwing objects at yourself.

The [object] can be any non-living object. The origin [place1] can be 'me' (the player), 'here' (the room the player is in), or a direction name (the room in that direction). The destination [place2] can be 'here' (the room the player is in, a direction name (the room in that direction) or target name (a monster in the same room as the player). The damage done depends on the weight of the object.