> lift

lift [object] from [place] to [place]
Usable by: Any Jedi (level 7)
Discipline: telekinetics
Stat: force
Skill Delay: 4 rounds (8 seconds)

This ability allows a Jedi to move objects around telekinetically.

At level 30, Jedi gain a much greater control of the Force, allowing them to lift larger objects.

The [object] can be any non-living object. The [place] can be 'me' (the player), 'here' (the room the player is in), or a direction name (the room in that direction).


  • lift medkit from me to n: Moves a medkit in your inventory to the room to your north.
  • lift toolbox from here to me: Moves a toolbox from the room you're in to your inventory.