> repair

repair [object|component]
Usable by: Scout (level 1)
Smuggler (level 1)
Merchant (level 1)
Any Jedi (level 1)
Bounty Hunter (level 1)
Scientist (level 1)
Slicer (level 1)
Mercenary (level 1)
Pilot (level 1)

Players may repair various damaged things, based on their guilds:

         Everyone: Melee weapons
       Scientists: Everything but sabers
        Merchants: Armor
   Bounty Hunters: Armor
          Slicers: Droids
             Jedi: Lightsabers
      Mercenaries: Ranged weapons
           Pilots: Vehicles and ships
        Smugglers: Vehicles and ships
           Scouts: Vehicles

Note: Scientists are better at repair than other guilds.