There are five basic types of weapons here on SWmud:

  1. melee weapons
  2. ranged weapons
  3. lightsabers
  4. throwing weapons
  5. vehicles


Melee and ranged are the most common and are usable by everyone, though only mercenaries can fire ranged weapons into adjacent rooms. Mercenaries should <panic ranged_weapons> for some useful advice.


Lightsabers are the weapons of the Jedi. They may be wielded by anyone, but only Jedi will have any real success with them. Jedi or the Jedi-curious should <panic sabers> for additional information.


Throwing weapons are only usable by assassins. These include weapons like throwing knives and shuriken, as well as special thrown weapons like harpoons. Assassins will find <panic throwing_weapons> particularly useful.


Finally, fully-enclosed vehicles like AT-STs and so on essentially act as a weapon. These vehicles are only usable by pilots. Pilots and wannabes can <panic vehicles> to learn more.


Weapons all have a weapon class ("WC") between 1 and 50. The most effective weapons for you will be the ones with a WC close to your level, which you will find on mobs similar to your level.

Also, certain special weapons ("spec weapons") will do extra damage, often based on a particular stat. When in doubt, use <check> on the weapon to find advice on how effective it will be for you.