Throwing Weapons

There are some melee type weapons, which can be used in ranged combat. For example, some knives which can be hurled at an enemy in an adjacent room.

Syntaxes to use vary from weapon to weapon, but here are some examples:

     hurl [name] [direction]  -   hurl trooper north
     hurl                     -   targets current attacker in the room

Assassins are the only ones who may hurl ranged weapons. Such weapons have a short range of 1 room away, medium range of 2, and extreme range of 3. They cannot throw farther then 3 rooms away. Assassins cannot throw weapons until level 5.

There are two types of thrown weapons: Arm-propelled weapons and sling-assisted weapons.

An assassin using an arm-propelled weapon, such as a throwing knife, will throw the weapon itself at the target. The weapon has a chance of breaking, but if it doesn't, it will land in the room of the target. The weapon need not be wielded to hurl, though it may be if desired.

A sling-assisted weapon requires ammunition to be loaded into it, generally after each hurling. Without ammunition, the sling cannot act as a ranged weapon. Sling-assisted weapons must be wielded.