Players are allowed three characters by default. Multiple characters must be registered at the alter ego registration room in the medical center on Coruscant. Any multi created without the registration room will be rid.

Upon reaching certain achievements, players may register more characters. These achievements are:

Once the player reaches one of these achievements, the player may register another character. Additionally, players may register additional alts based on the total HM Emblem ranks they have collected across all of their characters, according to the following schedule:

HM Emblem Ranks Additional Alts Allowed

...and so on. (If you don't recognize this pattern, ask around a bit.) See <panic advance> for details on how to advance emblem ranks.

If it is your first login of the boot, you will see a character selection screen, to remind you of your option to play other characters.

Players may log in on a different character after a reboot (check uptime to see when the next scheduled reboot will be) or 1+ hours after first logging in on your current character. Each time you log in on a different character, the 1 hour timer resets back to zero.


Q: How do I make an alt?

A: Go to Head Researcher Liu's office in the medical center on Coruscant. You can <register> a new alt from your existing character from there. This will create the alt and automatically link it to the one(s) you already have.

Q: Do I have to identify my characters as being linked to each other?

A: No. The wizards know which characters belong to the same player, but as far as other players go, it is entirely up to you.

Q: What happens if I suicide one of the characters that had one of the achievements giving me another character? Do I lose them both?

A: No. Suiciding a character will only ever remove that character. However, you cannot register a new character unless you have enough of the achievements and licenses to do so.

Q: Can I look up info about my alts?

A: Yes, use <alts> or <alts compact>.

Q: What about HM homes?

A: Once your character is level 20, you may purchase an HM villa (panic villas and villas_faq). HM villas are not linked between your alts.

Q: May I share money or Sluis ships between characters?

A: You may.

Q: Do I have to suicide, log in with an alt, re-register, then wait 'til the next boot to remake my alt?

A: No. At the alt registration room, you may <upload> your brain into a replacement body, which re-creates your character as a level 0, and maintains the link.

Q: Could you link mail/RN/etc. between characters, like with aliases?

A: When you register an alt, things like aliases and nicknames are simply copied over from your existing character to your new one. If you later change an alias on one character, it won't be updated on the other. So aliases aren't really "linked" anyway... we could copy over mail and RN statuses at alt creation, but they would quickly go out of sync, causing (in this coder's opinion) more confusion than clarity.

However, it is possible to read your alts' mail by entering 'swap <altname>' in the mail shell.