Villas FAQ

  1. What's the difference between the old HM homes and the new HM homes? The two main differences are (1) all new HM homes on a particular planet have the same entrance and exits, and (2) all new HM homes are built by the player in a menu-driven interface, while old homes were hand-coded.
  2. Can I get a HM home with my alt(s) now? Yes. The main reason alts weren't allowed HM homes was because of the potential for overcrowding of homes on popular planet, and the additional work it would place on the coding staff. Both of these issues are now moot, so alts are allowed HM homes.
  3. Are old HM homes still available? Can I pay <some huge amount of money> to get an old-style home? No. Given the massive upheavals that the SWmud economy has seen in the past, and the resultant disparities in wealth, we don't wish to make massive bank accounts the basis for too many advantages.
  4. I have an old HM home. What happens to it? It will remain in place, and you can continue to use it as-is, but you will not be able to purchase any more upgrades for it, nor will you be able to change the descriptions, the exits, the location, etc. If you wish to move your home to the new system, we can help you with the transition. Just mail area with a request to move your old-style HM home to the new system.
  5. Move to the new system? Are you kidding? Why would I want to do that? The new HM homes have certain perks, such as multiple exits, instant remodels and purchase additions, extra no-reset rooms, and a shop and bar unique to and themed for each planet, as well (soon) as an easy and relatively cheap method for switching planets.
  6. Any other differences I should know about? New HM homes aren't allowed non-standard exits. Further, if you have a dock, your new dock name is simply "villa"... Docks are generated automatically for each player who has a home (and a dock) on-planet.