Droid Control

Droid Ownership & Registration

A player may own as many droids as he/she desires, but is limited in the number of droids he/she can control at once. Droids the player wishes to control are 'registered' to the player by means of the <droids register> command.

All players are allowed to control up to 3 droids at once, but only 1 of the droids can be a combat droid. Slicers are given the ability to control up to 4 droids at once, and at slicer level 19+, the slicer may have 2 of the droids be combat droids. At level 35, high mortal slicers are allowed to control 5 droids, where 2 are combat. A list of currently registered droid and open slots can be obtained with the <droids list> command. Players will need to re-register their droids to control them each login.

Mob kills by combat droids will count as kills for the droid's owner. However, when controlling combat droids, players cannot devote the usual time and attention required to learn from their experience in combat. The experience received while controlling combat droids is shown below:

# of Combat Droids Exp. Received
1 Droid85% of normal
2 Droids75% of normal
3+ Droids70% of normal

When a player wishes to stop controlling a particular droid, they can 'unregister' the droid by using the <droids unregister> command. Due to the stress of living without their helpful droids, players will find their experience reduced for a short time after unregistering their droids.

Droids remain owned by the player until the droid is destroyed or its ownership is transferred to another player. Droid ownership transfer occurs with the <droids transfer> command.

Droid Control

Droid control occurs through the <droids> command. When a droid is registered (via the <droids register> command), they can be commanded to perform any number of actions via the <droids> command. To command a particular droid to perform an action, give its name as the first parameter to the droids command.

For example:

Command Effect
droids t5gg8 northThis would tell T5GG8 to go north
droids g2-9s repair c3p0This would command G2-9S to repair C3P0

Multiple droids can be commanded to perform the same action simultaneously. Simply separate each droid's name by a comma. For example:

     droids hk-47,if-w8a2 kill smuggler

This would command HK-47 and IF-W8A2 to simultaneously attack Smuggler.

The ID list matches to as many droids as possible, so it's possible to command all types of droids to perform a given action. For example:

Command Effect
droids if,r8 northCommand all IF and R8 droids to go north

Finally, two special groups exist for controlling droids. One can specificy an action for all droids currently present in the room ('here') or all droids in general ('all'). By default, if the player doesn't specify any ids, all droids will perform the requested action. For example:

Command Effect
droids here southCommand all droids present to go south
droids all bowCommand all droids to bow
droids northCommand all droids to go north

Notice on the last command, if you don't provide a list of droids to command, it assumes "all". Also, if an unfortunate accident should occur and you are hostile towards your droid, you can order it to stop attacking you by typing:

     droids r2d3 stop fighting


     droids r2d3 peace

Droid Restraining

Wild droids exist around the Star Wars galaxy that, with a restraining bolt and the required experience, a player may be able to restrain to do his/her own bidding. Note that some droids do not have slave circuits, and thus cannot be enslaved properly.

In addition, many droids (but not all!) have external off switches. Such droids can be turned off with the command:

     deactivate [droid]

and turned on with:

     activate [droid]

A droid that is "killed" is automatically turned off. If it is repaired, you will need to reactivate it afterwards. A deactivated droid can be turned into scrap metal by use of the <scrap> command.