Droid Types

There are various types of droids to be found around the galaxy, either in specific stores or made by those skilled in the art. They can assist their owners in different ways, depending on their type and programming. This panic file lists the more common droid types that players can control and explains their functions.

Labor Droids

Labor droids are the heavy-lifters of the droid family. Their main purpose is to carry very large things for their owners. They are typically not given highly-advanced intelligence cores, and thus tend to be limited in their ability to communicate with their masters.

Protocol Droids

Protocol droids are able to translate all sorts of languages and interact in high-level communications with their owners. Protocol droids are especially useful in translating other non-verbal droids' communications to their owners. You may also use <translate into [Race] and say [message]> to convey messages into another language with protocol droids.

Power Droids

Power droids are useful for recharging various weaponry, vehicles, etc.

Pilot Droids

Pilot droids are programmed with piloting abilities. A player can control pilot droids using the special <droids [droidname] pilot> command. Pilot droids are unable to use hyperspace.

Navigation Droids

Navigation droids are capable of calculating complex hyperspace jumps. These droids are typically unable to perform any other piloting functions.

Repair Droids

Repair droids are designed to repair all kinds of weaponry, armor, droids, vehicles, etc. Repair droids can be programmed to automatically repair the player's droids, items, or both. <droids [droidname] repair all|droids|none> switches between the options.

Slicer Droids

Slicer droids are programmed with typical slicing functions, capable of hacking into various interfaces, opening locked doors, etc.

Medical Droids

Medical droids are able to perform surgery on organic beings. They are typically programmed with a very large knowledge of physiologies of all sorts of species.

Tank Droids

These droids are built specifically to take a beating. They are structurally reinforced and often capable of limited combat.

Battle Droids

These droids are specifically designed to fight. They often use blasters and advanced tactical programming and are capable allies in any battle. In an effort to increase mobility, designers tend not to reinforce these droids, but if used correctly, they can deal significant damage to their opponents.

Courier Droids

These droids are designed to deliver packages to players all across the galaxy.

PK Droids

These droids can aid in keeping an opponent in a particular room. They are usable only by player killers.


These droids are designed to seek out an opponent anywhere in the galaxy and report their location back to the owner.

Some types of droids are only useable by player killers (panic pk). More information on SLRs, MLRs, and XLRs can be found in panic pkdroids.

These are the more common droids you'll find on SWMud. There are others that exist here and there, but it's up to you to find them and see what they do.