> droids

droids [options]

The following options are available:


   Lists all controlled droids and open slots.

reg|register <droid>

   Start controlling a droid you own. A player's alt may use this command 
   to assume ownership of the droid.

unreg|unregister <droid>

   Stop controlling a droid you own. Note that performing this incurs a 
   30 second cooldown.

[all|here|droid1[,droid2,...]] <command>

   Commands the droids specified to perform the action indicated.
   The keyword 'all' commands all droids, and 'here' commands any droids 
   in the same room. Just typing a command uses all registered droids.


   Tells all currently controlled droids in the same room as you to follow 
   you or stay.

sum|summon [droid[,droid2,...]]

   Summons particular droids, or all if none are specified.

transfer <droid> <player>

   Transfer ownership of a particular droid to a particular player.

release <droid>

   Remove any ownership on the droid. The droid becomes restrainable by 

<droid|all> dismiss [home|condo|dock]

   Sends a droid back to either your HM home (or villa), DS condo, or the
   planet's main dock, if available. No specified option will try each in
   the respective order.

callme <title>

   Make your droids call you by a particular name or title.

colour|color <droid> <colour>

   Set the specified droid to have a particular colour for reporting.
   Type 'droids colour help' for a list of available colours.