Stock store

Skill used: stock store
Usable by: Merchant (level 30)

An HM merchant gains an add-on to his existing shop that acts as a specshop. The merchant is capable of stocking the shop with items from the same warehouse as accessed by the specshop connections skill.

The following commands are valid in the stocked store:


Same as in own_shop, however, no money is required to open the shop.


Displays what the warehouse has available for sale


Same as in own_shop

     denyteam [team]

Denies anyone from team [team] from purchasing from this shop

     stock [amount] of [item] for [desired cost]
  • allows the owner to purchase items from the warehouse to be sold in the specshop.
  • [amount] is how many of the item the merchant would like to purchase
  • [item] should be the number of the item the merchant wants to purchase from the warehouse
  • [desired cost] is what the merchant wants the item to sell for in the shop
  • no more then 150 of any item can be stocked at any time

Merchants level 40 and above can select from a wider selection of stock.

Note: A number of skills/abilities such as wholesale, diplomatic discounts, tamper, and advanced haggle will not work on stocked shops.