Own shop

Usable by: Merchant (level 25)

High Mortal Merchants can build their own shopping area. The player can build the area in an office in the commercial building on Coruscant, and <petition> to have the area connected to the MUD at large. The responding wizard will give the player the chance to enter the area before it is connected, and give descriptions to the mob(s) in the area.

Because the merchant's area will be publicly accessible, it must be written in a way that is thematically appropriate for the planet and area where the merchant wishes to place it. And, unlike other player-generated rooms (such as HM villas, clan halls, etc.) the wiz staff will review for things like spelling, shoutcurse-able content, etc. before allowing the area to be connected to the MUD.

Once the area is connected, control of the shop and the spec shop (once available) is the same as for rental shops. Merchants may open their shop with <shopstatus open>.

If the Merchant purchases a dock for their shop, they may set up a shuttle route (using the destination "shop") to give other players easy access to their wares. Similarly, if the Merchant has a dock, any of their licensed cabbies will take players to their shop dock if they <select shop>. The dock name will be "[name]shop" - so, e.g., Stavros's shop dock would be "stavrosshop".

Merchants may move their shop once a month for a fee of 1 million credits. If the merchant loses the merchant level required for any of the features of their merchant area, those features will stop working.

Shop commands are listed in panic rent.