Player Killing Rules/Etiquette

It is impossible to do the following:

It is illegal to do the following:

The ONLY exception to these is that if a non-pkable player (but in your range) is travelling in space with a pkable person in your range, then you may shoot at the ship. Non-pkable players always take a risk when flying in space with a pkillable player.

Also note: HMs can only pk players that are level 18 and up. This is only important until level 23, at which point the standard level range rules are sufficient.

Matters of etiquette

Some players consider it a matter of honor not to drop link (go link-dead) if you're about to die. Likewise, quitting at such a crucial time might be called dishonourable by some. It is up to you to follow these *strictly enforced* Player Council rules.

Player killing within the clan structure is a bit different. Read <panic clans> for more information on what is involved.