> merchads

Skill used: merchant advertisements
Usable by: Merchant (level 5)

With this command, players can read through advertisements placed by merchants.

Merchant syntaxes:

   merchads -create         :  Creates and posts an advertisement.
                                If an ad already exists, you will need
                                to either enter the extended editor and
                                delete it in order to replace it
                                (see ed_help), or use the -delete.
   merchads -delete         :  Deletes the advertisement.
   merchads -post           :  Posts an already created advertisement.
   merchads -remove         :  Removes an advertisement from the
                                active merchads list without deleting
   merchads -review         :  Displays your ad for review purposes.
   merchads -showloc        :  Toggles location on and off.

The advertisement will remain until the next reboot, but it can only be read while the merchant is online.

If the merchant quits and logs in again, they must toggle showloc back on. Location showing is defaulted to off.

Note: If there are fixes/changes to the skill that require it to be updated, all the ads are lost.

Also note: This skill is only to advertise merchandise and services that the merchant offers.