Diplomatic pass

Skill used: diplomatic pass
Usable by: Diplomat (level 16)

Diplomatic passes allow level 16 diplomats of any alignment to safely travel through areas filled with monsters normally aggressive to their natural alignment. The pass has the effect of giving you the alignment listed on the pass (i.e. carrying an Imperial pass will make a Rebel or Neutral player appear as Imperial to all monsters), so if you seek safety from Imperial monsters, you must carry an Imperial or Neutral pass, while those seeking safety from Rebel monsters should carry a Rebel or Neutral pass.

Some cautions:

  • If the monster is aggressive to all players or aggressive based on something other than team alignment (such as Jedi alignment or wild animals) these passes will have no effect.
  • Monsters of your own alignment who are aggressive to the opposite alignment will act aggressively towards you when you carry a pass of that alignment (so it is sometimes most effective to simply carry a Neutral pass).
  • Carrying more than one pass openly will have the same effect as carrying no pass at all.

You may purchase a pass in the diplomat area on Coruscant, the diplomat shop on Sullust, or find them on monsters throughout the galaxy.