Team Alignment

In SWmud, alignment and team affiliation are almost interchangeable. Your team affiliation determines who you can attack and who can attack you. Your alignment shows your involvement or dedication to your team. Jedi players additionally have a Jedi alignment, indicating their Light or Dark nature.

Alignment is based on a number system from -75 to 75. The breakdown is as such:

You will find the number listed in <st> and <score>, so you may keep track of your alignment. This is necessary because there are penalties for going from Rebel to Neutral or Imperial to Neutral. There are no penalties for going from Neutral to Rebel or Neutral to Imperial. Once you cross the threshold, your alignment will be set at the absolute for the team to prevent you from switching back and forth, and from being penalized many times over. Team switches should be a rare occurrence.

See <panic teams> for penalties for switching teams.

Some things that will affect your alignment: