The following channels are available to any player meeting certain criteria:

Channel Criterion
shoutall players
newbieall players
pkarmy PKers of level 3 or higher
navypilot or smuggler army PKers, and all navy PKers
hmhigh mortals
councilmembers of the player council
jediplayers with at least 1 level in Jedi
[guild]players with levels in the relevant guild
[line]players sharing a custom line
team*members of the same team
race*players sharing a race
commplayers in a party together

*These lines may be accessed with "team" and "rebel", or "race" and "gand", where the specific command corresponds to the player's team or race.

Guild lines are accessed via their specific name, often abbreviated (e.g. "assa" or "dip") Primary Jedi can use their secondary guild lines. High mortal Diplomats can use the race lines for any language they have learned.

Custom lines are created and administered with the <line> command.

Each line has two associated commands:

Typing a line name without arguments will block or unblock that line.

To use feelings on any of these lines:

<line>emote <feeling> [target]