Assassin Points

Assassins over level 5 need assassin points to advance their assassin guild. The required points equal the level being advanced to, for example to advance to level 6 assassin, a player needs 6 points. At advancement the required points are decreased from the players point total. For example if a player has 8 points and they advance to level 6 assassin, after advancement they still have 2 points left.

There are some monsters around the mud that give assassin assignments. These assignments involve having to kill a specific monster. The commands to use at the monsters are:

The monsters can usually be identified by their description, which hints something about them needing help and urging the player to type list. Locations of these monsters is not a secret, so you can try asking fellow players where to go.

For beginning assassins, they should contact Connick at level 5 at Sluis van Shipyards. Type faq2 for how to get to the residential section.

Each killed and collected job will give an assassin a varying amount of credits, experience points and assassin points. Note however, that no reward will be given for killed monsters whose level is below the assassins. Experience will tell when it comes too late to collect rewards for a certain job.

Bounty Hunters have a similar system of getting points to advance.