Zabrak are humanoids with prominent vestigial horns and well-developed mental willpower. Their heights usually range from 1.6 to 1.9 meters. A variety of subspecies of Zabrak exist, each with different horn patterns. Many Zabrak are fond of intricate facial tattoos which reflect their individual personalities.

The Zabrak were one of the earliest spacefaring species and they have explored large sections of the galaxy. Their homeworld of Iridonia is a frighteningly harsh planet, which has led many Zabrak to settle on other worlds, including Talus and Corellia. Many have relocated to the humanoids' eight colonies, which are located throughout the Mid Rim region of space. Most Zabrak identify themselves by their colony first and foremost. Iridonia and the major colonies have steadfastly resisted Imperial control, although some individual Zabrak have fallen into the Empire's service. In response to general Zabrak defiance, the Empire is in the process of garrisoning the Zabrak colony worlds and Imperializing the species' companies, forcing many Zabrak back into the spacelanes.

These proud, strong-willed, and confident beings believe that nothing is truly impossible and will strive to prove skeptics wrong at every turn. Some Zabrak carry themselves with an air of superiority, and they frequently discuss the achievements of their species and home colonies with a pride that can border on arrogance. Zabrak tend to be dedicated, intense, and extremely focused, be they explorers or warriors.

Zabrak characters are exemplars of resilience in the face of adversity and this is reflected with an increase to any skill that relies on their natural charisma.

Armor size: medium
Heritages: Dathomiri and Iridonian



Note: Zabrak is a special case. Since their 'sacrifice' attribute is strength, but starting with a very low strength makes playing unusually difficult, they start with a slightly increased strength, but reductions in the initial value of other attributes.