Wookiees are an anthropoid species native to the planet Kashyyyk. Tall, strong, and covered by soft, thick fur, Wookiees are known as ferocious opponents and loyal friends. The average member of this species grows to over two meters in height and has a much longer life expectancy than a human. On Kashyyyk, Wookiees live in cities situated high within giant trees. Though they appear to be primitive in nature, they are quite comfortable with high technology, combining natural features with modern conveniences. The Wookiee language is made up of a series of grunts and growls. They can understand other languages, but their limited vocal ability makes it impossible for them to speak anything other than their own language.

The galaxy at large knows Wookiees as lethal combatants with ferocious tempers. From the very beginnings of the Empire, the Wookiees, their world, and their colonies were placed under martial law and enslaved to labor for the Imperial effort. Free Wookiees were extremely rare, and few were ever encountered along the galactic spaceways. As tree dwellers, Wookiees have wickedly curved claws that pop from hidden fingertip sheaths with the flex of a muscle. With the aid of these claws and their strong limbs, Wookiees can travel through the upper reaches of the great wroshyr trees of their homeworld, clinging to vines and branches with agile ease. While feared as opponents, Wookiees employ no obvious fighting style. They seem to simply charge forward with their arms swinging, shattering whatever they hit with their huge, powerful fists. Wookiees never use their claws in combat, however, as this is considered a serious breach of the strict Wookiee code of honor. This same code of honor makes them extraordinarily loyal to anyone who has helped them in the past, especially to those whom they owe a life debt. Due to their metabolism, Wookiees heal at an accelerated rate.

Wookiee characters are very physically robust and see an increase to their natural healing. Their claws lend them a bonus to climbing while their intimidating presence also benefits suicidal assaults. Many have a background of mechanical ingenuity and are more successful with jury-rigging attempts.

Armor size: very large