Tall, bipedal insectoids, Verpine are an advanced species well known for their technological accomplishments. They have thin, stick-like bodies with awkwardly-articulated joints. Flexible plates of chitinous material covers their bodies. They have two huge black eyes, short snouts, and small, toothless mouths.

The species lives in the Roche Asteroid Field, an old and orderly collection of space debris with asteroids ranging in size from tiny meteorites to large planetoids. The asteroids maintain an orbit pattern that is almost regular, and a large number of space slugs and mynocks also make their home among the swirling rocks. While it is almost certain that the Verpine did not evolve on the lifeless asteroids, they have gone to considerable trouble to establish homes within the drifting chunks of frozen rock. Some speculate that the Verpine were wandering nomads who decided to settle in among the asteroids for some unknown reason. A second theory states that the Verpine inhabited a planet in the same orbit as the asteroid field, and as the planet slowly disintegrated into space debris they found ways to live on the asteroid which remained. The Verpine themselves have legends that speak of a catastrophic civil war, believing that the asteroid field is all that remains of their aggressive foolishness.

Verpine have evolved from especially hardy insects. Their large black eyes are adaptations of insectoid compound eyes, giving them the ability to see nearly microscopic detail with clarity and precision. Their antennae contain tympanic nerves which detect sound wave vibrations and relay them to the brain. They also pick up radio waves, and Verpine can generate their own radio emissions by controlling their biological frequency modulation. Their nervous system has an unusually powerful electromagnetic aura, and the Verpine can communicate with other members of their species.

This biological radio network spans the asteroid field, allowing each member of the colony to remain in nearly constant contact with the others. Some species see this as a form of telepathy, but it is simply a mode of organic telecommunication.

The Verpine are innate experts in most fields of technology. They have a child-like sense of wonder as far as machinery is concerned. This expertise and wonder has been put to good use in the asteroid field, where they have hollowed out rocks to use as colonies. Because their lives depend on it, the Verpine have a great respect and understanding of technology and machinery. Starship building has been one area the Verpine have excelled at, and they have earned their reputation over and over again with their unique and functional designs. The Slayn & Korpil Corporation, named for two neighboring Verpine colonies, has been a respected name in starship design since the days of the Old Republic, and many Verpine joined the efforts of the Rebellion during the galactic civil war. Today they remain members of the New Republic, though Verpine can be found securely established in private and fringe society.

Verpine characters have been so integrated into the development of new technologies that they receive a large bonus to any skill that requires familiarity with it.

Armor size: medium