the Death Star


The ultimate weapon in the Empire's arsenal, It was a top secret battle station the size of a small moon and armed with more destructive power than the combined Imperial fleet. It was designed to end any remaining opposition to the Emperor and his New Order. Once it was fully operational, the Emperor ordered the Imperial Senate disbanded and decalred that the Empire would keep local star systems in line.

The Death Star was the culmination of the Tarkin Doctrine, a plan and course of action proposed by Grand Moff Tarkin. It called for rule through fhe fear of force, using a battle station of such destructive magnitutde that fear alone would keep the member worlds in the Empire in line. Imperial space station designer Bevel Lemeisk was charged with bringing Tarkin's terrible vision to fruition.

Measuring 120 kilometers in diameter, the battle station was constructed over the penal colony world Despayre in the remote Horuz star system. The completed Death Star's personel complent included more than a million officers, troops, pilots, support personel, and stormtroopers. It carried assault shuttles, blastboats, strike cruisers, dropships, land vehicles, and various support ships in it's massive holds and seven thousand TIE fighters. It's surface was protected by thouands of turbolaser batteries, laser cannons, ion cannons, tracor beam projectors, and it's primary weapon -- a planet destorying superlaser.

In addtion, the outer shell was covered with navigation trenches, docking bays, and turbolaser emplacements to fend off capital ship attacks. Artificial mountains and canyons were formed from rising docking ports and command complexes. Though the Death Star showed it's relentless power by destroying the planet Alderaan, Rebel agents were able to discover a weakness when they stole the technical readouts for the battle station. The Battle of Yavin ended with the destruction of the Death Star.

Areas on the Death Star

Area Min Lvl Max Lvl Coders
the Death Star550
  5S 1320Antigonk, Remo, Zurk
  4S 1020Antigonk, Remo, Zurk
  3S 515Antigonk, Remo, Zurk
  2S 515Antigonk, Remo, Zurk
  1S 515Antigonk, Remo, Zurk
  0 515Antigonk, Remo, Zurk
  1N 515Antigonk, Remo, Zurk
  2N 2030Feor
  3N 2030Antigonk, Remo, Zurk
  4N 3050Antigonk, Remo, Zurk
  5N 3050Antigonk, Remo, Zurk
  6N 4050Antigonk, Remo, Zurk
  7N 4050Antigonk, Remo, Zurk

Planet specific secrets: