> synthesize

synthesize [new item]
Usable by: Assassin
Stat: technical
Skill Delay: 8 rounds (16 seconds)
Other info: requires a lab and not usable in combat

This skill allows High Mortal assassins to synthesize poisons.

All recipes require the assassin to be in an appropriately equipped laboratory. This skill is quite time-consuming, so it may only be used successfully every 5 minutes. The assassin must have an empty bottle and the appropriate ingredient for the poison.

Poison ingredients come in a variety of forms from a variety of sources. Poisonous residue can be extracted with ease from many poisonous animals when they die. Certain toxic plants can have their poisons harvested by skilled assassins.

The Noghri in particular are noted for their skill at being able to extract the toxins from the soil of their slowly dying planet and turning them into something deadly. It should be noted that the more esoteric poisons cannot be used by any but the most skilled of assassins.