Usable by: Smuggler (level 14)

Smugglers of level 14 and above can obtain black market items and smuggle them for profit.

Black markets can be accessed only by landing a freighter on a planet's 'blackmarket' dock. There, enterprising smugglers will find contacts willing to trade in black market contraband.

Smugglers may <list contraband> at a contact to see what is available for <procure>ment. Once obtained, they can <handover> an item.

The intragalactic black market trades in a variety of contraband types, including rare artifacts, stolen goods, sensitive information, outlawed items, illicit spice and drugs, regulated technology, valuable medical items, and illegal droids and associated tech.

Public docks are known to scan incoming freighters for illegal contraband, and will confiscate and impound the offending freighter upon finding any.

A smuggler computer is a highly essential item for conducting smuggler business, and various commands are available through it to access the black market network remotely. Through the device, one can view the various market economies for each planet as well as view items available for purchase by smugglers and items wanted by each planet's black market.