Ship Security

To prevent unwanted access to your ships, we have implemented a simple security system. The system is based on the possession of access cards. Both the access card and ship contain codes. If the code on the card matches that of the ship, you may enter. There is one stipulation, though. The card must be configured for that ship.

Card Functions

unlock [ship] :: Unlocks the named ship if access is correct

lock [ship] :: Locks the named ship if access is correct

set_ship :: Your security skills may be used to change the ship the card can access. [NOTE: This does not change the security code so you may have to set_code to acutally access the ship.]

set_code :: Your security skills may be used to change the code on the card and ship. [NOTE: this changes BOTH the card code and the ship code.]

copy [card] :: This can be used to make a duplicate of a named card onto a new card. (Can only be used once)

The cards will be automatically destructed through an auto-destruct sequence called by the ship once the ship is sold. Extra cards may be purchased from ship shops.

You may show your ship title to a ship patrolman to obtain an access card for your ship. Only one access card for the ship may be obtained though.

Ships have security system levels. At this time, security programs have levels from 1 to 5. You may purchase and install new programs to upgrade the security on your ship. The higher the program, the more difficult it is for someone to break into your ship.

Ship codes will be scrambled upon selling them.