A reboot is an occurence in which the mud is shut down and restarted. As with nearly any other LPMud, all items (except autoloading items) are destroyed. Your basic equipment (armor, weapons, etc.) is also destroyed.

Because of this, Armageddon, the announcer of the reboot, assists in providing free trips to the shop at the 3 minute mark before reboot. It is strongly recommended that you sell off any remaining equipment you may have, as you will be not be compensated for any items not sold at the time of reboot.

To get a free trip to the shop, when Armageddon announces, "Tell me if you want a trip to the shop!", type <tell armageddon shop> and you will be taken to the special reboot shop on Coruscant.

Reboot is a momentary occurence. Approximately 2-4 seconds after the reboot the mud is reopened to all players. While you will not have the equipment you had previously, all money and experience gathered before reboot is kept. Feel free to return and play again.