An Incomplete List of Quests

Planets with quests:

Planet Quests
Af'El1, levels 15+
Berchest & SSD3, all levels
BorleiasOne very large quest, 4 small ones, all intended for HM
Bor (cont.)players. Also one quest for HM pilots only.
Carida1, a quest to find a shuttle to Kashyyyk
Centerpoint4 for mortals, 3 for HM
Corus. Station1, levels 15+
Crseih2, all levels
Gamorr1, all levels
Isard Station1, all levels
Ithor1, levels 0-4 as is the whole planet
Kessel1 for middle and higher levels, and 2 for HM 30+
Korriban1, HM players
Kwenn8 quests for varying levels, information for most can
Kwenn (cont.)be obtained at the information terminal
Lucrehulk1, 40+ (starts on Naboo)
Naboo2, HM players
Ord Mantell2, one for mortal, one for HM
RodiaSeveral small quests, for around levels 10+
Ryloth6, 4 for levels 7+, 2 for 19/HM or extremely clever
Soleada2 (including MRH, see below), all levels
Sullust2 slicer quests, for levels 1-10 and other for HMs
Sullust (cont.)Information about both on the slicertool
Sullust (cont.)4 other quests suitable for all levels
Tatooine1 small one for all levels