> prompt

prompt [options]
prompt space [options]
prompt no color [on/off]

Sets the format of your prompt.

The standard options are:

Number Info
1hit points
2hit points/max hit points
3social points
4social points/max social points
5experience points
8jedi alignment
9alignment/jedi alignment
10bmode status
11drugged status
12wimpy hps
13current ammo remaining (wielded weapon)
14current ammo/max ammo (wielded weapon)
15hidden status
16status tags**
17unread mail flag
18shield hit points
19vehicle armor
20vehicle armor/vehicle max armor

The space options are:

Number Info
1status flags (if any)
2velocity (and autopilot, if any)
3hull status
4shield status (if any)
5experience points
6fuel status
  • Example: prompt 2 5 9
  • Example: prompt space 2 4 3 5
  • Example: prompt 2 18 5 (numbers can be in any order).

Typing <prompt clear> returns prompt back to default.

Typing <prompt no color [on/off]> toggles colour in prompt.

HPs and armor are coloured according to the following colour scale: ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++