Pilot Missions

On Sluis Van Shipyards, a Sluissi named Lieutenant Torick offers missions to pilots. These missions provide pilots with targets to kill in exchange for both experience and credits.

Torick is not the only person offering such missions, though.

A Rebel commander, located somewhere cold, offers missions to destroy ships fighting for the Empire. An Imperial commander, located near a training facility, offers missions to destroy ships fighting for the Rebellion.

A retired pilot also seeks talented combatants to accept his many challenges - his location is unknown, but he is known to have a preference for spending his time in bars. Rumours also abound of a mysterious individual offering missions exclusively to high mortal pilots.

Should you wish to try one of these missions, first seek out the appropriate person, then <ask> them about missions. They will tell you everything you need to know, and can even sell you a small communicator to make the process simpler.