> orbit

orbit [thing] [vec]
orbit [thing] [system]

Orbiting is the standard way to get around large objects in space. The classic orbital maneuver is to just <orbit [thing] [vector]>, where [thing] is what you want to get around, and [vector] is the direction you wish to get to. You can use an XYZ vector (e.g. <orbit planet 1 0 1) or a cardinal direction (e.g. <orbit planet north>).

The slightly more refined version is to use the orbit as an entree into hyperspacing to a new system. To do so, use <orbit [thing] [system]>. For eaxmple, <orbit corus soleada> if you are in Coruscant space and want to get to Soleada.

You must be within 500 of the orbit target, and not every object in space is orbitable - it must have enough of a gravity well to support the maneuver.