> manipulate

manipulate virus from [sample]
manipulate retrovirus from [sample]
Skill used: genetic manipulation
Usable by: Scientist (level 45)
Stat: technical
Skill Delay: 3 rounds (6 seconds)
Other info: requires a lab

Level 45 High Mortal scientists can work with the very fabric of life itself, creating a powerful cure to all injury or a deadly disease to the living. In order to create such wonderful or terrible concoctions, the scientist must first collect DNA samples from a cadaver of the race of the creature he would like to target. Using that genetic material, he may either manipulate it into a virus or a retrovirus in a designated lab.

Upon injection, each virus will cause immense amounts of pain to a creature of the targeted race, causing the victim to suffer terrible damage. The only way to stop a virus from running its course is with an injection of retrovirus. The scientist may only infect the same target with a virus once every 10 minutes. It is not possible to quit out while being afflicted by a virus, for your own protection.

As a counteragent to the virus, the retrovirus will send powerful healing agents through the target's body, causing them to receive wave after wave of health. It can also stop the spread of a virus. There is a 10 minute delay between injections of retrovirus.