The world of Korriban is a bare and dead world, heavy with the power of the dark side. For centuries, it was the site of the tombs of the Dark Lords of the Sith and their minions. It was here that Naga Sadow and Ludo Kressh fought their duel for the title of Dark Lord of the Sith after the burial of Lord Marka Ragnos. It was also here that the hyperspace explorers Gav and Jori Daragon had first contact with the Sith.

The tombs of the Sith were located inside steep and jagged cliffs of stone carved with the grim visages of ancient Sith Lords. Inside, in the echoing rock chambers, the mummified remains of the Sith Lords lie in crypts carved with Sith hieroglyphs. There also stood a giant crystal spire where tortured spirits, their souls forever doomed to torment were trapped. If one looked into the crystal for too long the spirits would assume the shapes of familiar faces long dead.

This crystal was shattered by the spirit of Freedon Nadd, who led Exar Kun to Korriban in order to trap the young Jedi. Nadd broke the crystal, releasing the spirits within and causing part of the cliff to fall on Kun, breaking his bones. Nadd then healed Kun with the dark side, severing the Jedi's contact with the light side of the Force and forcing Kun to use the dark side to protect himself. As he did so the ancient spirits of the tombs spoke, pronouncing Kun ready to assume the Sith title.

Areas on Korriban

Area Min Lvl Max Lvl Coders
  landing area 2030Khayyin
  valley 2535Khayyin
  tomb 3550Khayyin

Planet specific secrets: