The planet Kessel is a world of oppression and opportunity. The oppression comes from the planet-wide Imperial correctional facility, infamous for its forced labor camps and impenetrable defenses. The opportunity takes the form of one of the planet's primary products, the controlled commodity 'spice'.

For smugglers brave enough or desperate enough to risk capture and imprisonment in Kessel's labor camps, there is a secret space route to and from the planet. Known as the Kessel Run, this route serves as the main path for smuggling spice off-planet. Smuggler pilots also use the Kessel Run to determine who has the fastest ship and best flying skills among their peers by logging how long it takes a ship to successfully make the run.

Areas on Kessel

Area Min Lvl Max Lvl Coders
  waste 515Kryyshk, Mlan
  facility 1020Kryyshk, Mlan
  Grukta caves 2030Kryyshk, Mlan
  mines 1-7 1020Break
  mines 8-13 2040Break
  ancient mineshaft 4050Break

Planet specific secrets: