The species name for the aliens commonly referred to as Hammerheads is Ithorian. Their common name comes from their T-shaped heads, which rest atop long, curved necks. Ithorians come from the Ottega star system, in the Lesser Plooriod Cluster. They speak Basic with a strange twist due to their two mouths, each located on one side of their necks. This generates a stereo effect, which produces one of the most beautiful and difficult native languages in the galaxy. Ithor, the fourth planet in the Ottega system, is a jungle world that the Ithorians have learned to respect and even worship. The ecologically minded species believes that only their eco-priests should ever set foot upon the ground of the great Mother Jungles. The rest live within great floating herd cities. Herbivores, Ithorians never take more than they need from their planet, and they practice a system of planting two trees for every one they are required to take from the jungles.

Some herd cities have been converted to starships and equipped with hyperdrives. In this way, Ithorian caravans travel the space lanes, bringing unusual merchandise from place to place. The herd ships are built to mimic the environment the Ithorians know, complete with indoor jungles, artificial storms, examples of Ithorian wildlife, and vast corridors of lush vegetation.

Ithorians are a gentle, peace loving species and as such characters are particularly adept at healing, but much worse in fights that they have provoked. They have great respect for all forms of life, making them particularly bad bounty hunters. They are gregarious and curious people, who enjoy their roles as space merchants almost as much as ecological preservers. In the Outer Rim Territories, the arrival of a herd ship is cause for celebration.

Armor size: large