> ignore

ignore corps [on/off]
ignore cabbies [on/off]
ignore events [on/off]
ignore pages [on/off]
ignore specs [on/off]
ignore shuttle spam [other/all/none]
ignore errors [on/off]

With this command, a player can choose whether or not he/she wishes to see messages from various sources.

  • <ignore corps> ignore MUD-wide corporation announcements
  • <ignore cabbies> ignore whispered messages from cabbies
  • <ignore events> ignore event messages (and balloon/airplane spam)
  • <ignore pages> ignore pages (see <panic page>)
  • <ignore specs> ignore most special message from weapons
  • <ignore shuttle spam> set to "other" (default) to see your shuttle messages set to "all" to gag almost all shuttle messages set to "none" to gag *no* shuttle messages (spammy!)