Body double

Skill used: body double
Usable by: Diplomat (level 19)

With this skill, a diplomat can attempt to hire someone to act as his body double. Body doubles, who typically look and dress much like the person who hires them, are frequently mistaken for their employers by would-be assassins.

While unfortunate for the double, it does prevent the diplomat from taking potentially fatal hits. A double can only be hired in places where the truly desperate congregate: bars. Talk to a bartender to learn who might be down on their luck enough to take the job. You may only hire one every 10 minutes.

Due to certain ancient, obscure, but still enforced Galactic treaties, Diplomats may only hire a single bodyguard at a time - and the treaty language makes it clear that body doubles count at "body guards" for purposes of this restriction. On the bright side, the <bgc> command works for issuing orders to the body double. However, body doubles do not take as much time and effort to direct in combat, so the diplomat will not lose any experience like they do with bodyguards.

To dismiss a hired body double, simply <dismiss double>.

Player killers tend to be much more perceptive than mobs, and will not be fooled by the bodydouble, no matter how much it looks like the diplomat.