Human Heritages

Human heritages available for player selection:


A peace-loving society from the idylic green world of Alderaan. They prefer to rely on diplomacy rather than brute force when resolving conflicts.


The inhabitants of Berchest would usually be categorized closer to near-human than actual human. They traditionally tattooed the tops of their heads with various writings instead of having hair. The ocean world covered with gigantic crystaline islands was a long time tourist locale until the galactic civil war. With the dwindling tourist numbers the planetary government transitioned its focus into being a trade hub with convenient access to shipping lanes into the Core Worlds.


Most habitable worlds in the center of the galaxy tend to be rather metropolitan in nature. They have the latest fashions, music, and holovids. In addition, the older universities and research insitutes are able to levy their reputation and resources to attract the finest scientists in the galaxy.


Getting an edge under the corrupt bureacracy of Corellia can be tricky and requires some dirty dealing of your own. Whether it's a side-hustle while doing legit jobs or working with criminal syndicates Corellians have learned that it's usually safer not to play fair.


Out on the edge of the galaxy you can't really rely on the niceties of civilization that the Core-worlders take for granted. You have to be able to survive off of what's available and make due when it's not.


Mandalorians are a people with strong tribal values and a religion based on the strength of the warrior spirit. They have long cultivated a knowledge of warfare, tactics, and weaponry to the point of being able to fight the Force-empowered Jedi toe to toe.


A civilization built on diplomacy and trade, the Naboo share their swampy planet with the native Gungans.


With no real rock to call home, Spacers were born along the hyperspace byways of the galaxy. Whether it be living on space-stations or making their way on a tramp freighter these people are most at home traveling through the black.