GMCP is a way for the mud to send information to your client without printing it on the screen. If GMCP is enabled, SWmud will send your client updated data as your character state changes (e.g. if you lose or gain HP, or if you pick up or drop an object). You can use this to build out UI features.

Please note: Scripting is still illegal! Check <panic rules> (specifically rule 6) for details.

You must do three things to make GMCP work:

  1. You must have a client that supports it. Most modern clients such as Mudlet and MUSHclient support GMCP.
  2. You must enable GMCP on the mud with <set gmcp on>.
  3. You must program your client to make use of the extra data! How to do this is up to YOU! See <panic gmcp_reference> for a list of messages you will get from the mud, and when you will get them.